What to do

Active holiday

Close to the apartments you can try many different sports: water skying, sailing, kayak, biking, Pilates.

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In 10 minutes Paragliding, climbing, gokart, golf, horse riding.
In 40 minutes you can reach the Aosta Valley with its incredible mountains. The best winter sky runs in every season.
(Valle d’Aosta)


Nearby the apartments it is possible to be deeply immersed in the amazing nature of the lake.

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You can visit on boat the lake or explore the beautiful Serra of Ivrea. You can also discover the magic and historical Via Francigena.
In 15 minutes you can reach the incredible Terre mobile (moving lands).
In 30 minutes you can visit the national park of Burcina.


Nearby the apartments you can choose many different cultural experiences: ancient castles, museums, cultural visists.

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In 5 minutes (20 walking) Roppolo Castle.
In 20 minutes Masino Castle, FAI residence.
In 25 minutes Ivrea town. Its carnival is one of the most attractive in Italy.
In 30 minutes Ricetto di Candelo, a medioeval bourg, Aglié Castle.
In 60 minutes you can reach important museums: Egyptian Museum in Turin (second most important in the world), National Museum of Cinema in Turin, National Museum of Cars in Turin.
1h and 30 minutes you can visit the Duomo of Milano.

Food and beverage

Delicious cheese, the tipical row meet of Piemonte, honey, lake fishes and the tasting wines of the Canavese

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Close to the resort you may find bars, pizza and restaurants. Try the wineyeard visit and tasting.
All distances are meant by car.